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WordPress Website Migration?

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Fixmywp gives you the platform to migrate your wordpress website in a single day. It assists you in increasing your traffic, introducing better features, change from http to https & helps in solving slow load times.

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WordPress website migration service



It offers exceptional blogging features because it was created as a platform for blogs. Because they bring material to your website, blogs are fantastic. The search engines will index new pages that are automatically added to your website in the form of archives, categories, & tags. 


The most approachable CMS is generally acknowledged to be WordPress. It is quick and easy to manage and doesn't necessitate a deep understanding of code to do so. Your marketing team can easily upload and resize photos, publish new posts and pages, and amend already published text. 


There are countless plugins, for WordPress because of how widely used. The majority of them are free and affordable, and they offer a wide range of useful features including e-commerce, form processing, social network integration, forums, galleries, & slide shows etc.


WordPress has a simple URL structure & so search engines including Google have always loved it. The coding behind WordPress is simple, allowing search engines to easily index websites built on WordPress. On top of this, some regular SEO plugins assist even more with which you can easily manage in-house.


WP websites are very scalable. When necessary, new capabilities might be added to increase functionality. Later on, you might want to add e-commerce(Woo Commerce) or grow to include a discussion board or a social networking application. It can manage massive data without any speed compromise as long as you set up enough hosting.


WP releases you from the shackles of a custom CMS that charges maintenance fees on a yearly or monthly basis. You almost probably pay every time there is an update if your present website was created using a CMS system.  whether it's a quick security patch or a significant software update. WP is for free and is an open-source program. 

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Is Website migration important ?

  • Change Hosting

    There may be several factors involved in website migration that call for a change in hosting. One possibility is that you have exceeded your host's present capabilities and require a host that can provide more. To increase cost effectiveness, a host change might be implemented during a site relocation. As you are merely moving your database and files to a new server, it is one of the easiest types of website transfer.

  • Platform Update

    The functionality, user experience, and a whole lot more that you can provide to your users depend on the platform that your website runs on. Periodic changes to these platforms provide better features and functions for websites that necessitate site transfer.

  • Change of CMS

    A change in a company's CMS platform is one of the main factors that could cause website migration. Many eCommerce websites migrate their websites in order to expand and add these new functions since they have found superior CMSs for their use cases.

  • Website Redesign

    Redesigning a website frequently has its own set of effects on how well the website functions. These entail switching to new platforms, acquiring new hosts, and even acquiring new domains.

  • Change of Domain

    For a variety of reasons, many businesses consider rebranding or altering their URL address. A domain change involves many of the same requirements as changing your website architecture.

No hidden charges! Choose your best plan.

Basic Plan

$ 10
  • Migrate
  • Move
  • Transfer Website

Standard Plan

$ 20
  • Migrate
  • Move
  • Transfer Website
  • Security Checks
  • Themes & plugins

Premium Plan

$ 30
  • Migrate
  • Move
  • Transfer Website
  • Security Checks
  • Themes & plugins
  • Backup Firewall
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