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Maintenance Service

If you have a WordPress website then you should consider it, these days where online businesses are growing, the hackers are more active to hijack your websites, So you need a maintenance service where we will keep an eye on your site to keep it safe.

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Why It Is Important To Maintain Your WordPress Site?

I have been working with WordPress since 2008, and what is the important factor about CMS is the security, and the security. In this revolutionary era of internet we have millions of websites is being developed with WordPress but most of the developers are avoiding the security aspects of the website while developing it, even most of the site owners are not aware of security. 100 out of 100 sites get hacked due to outdated plugins and themes, so keeping the site maintain and keep your site plugins, themes, and core files updated is the only way to keep your site secure on the internet, that is why the WordPress maintenance service is very important to have.

In our WordPress maintenance service, we promise to keep your site secure and have best performance according to your hosting type. We will keep your site plugins, themes, and core files updated and we will also keep an eye on your site performance, vulnerabilities, and malware attacks.

What We Keep Updated?

What Are The Benefits Of Update

WordPress Maintenance Service Includes

We make sure that our client’s websites stay up to date at all times. Our WordPress maintenance services make sure a site functions smoothly by maintaining a list of daily solutions and patching any known updates. We monitor our clients’ sites daily for any known vulnerabilities and fixes updates. The main goal is to ensure the site’s proper functioning at all times.


We keep updating WordPress plugins to make sure there is no plugins vulnerability.


We also keep an eye on WordPress themes to make sure there is no themes vulnerability.

WordPress Core Updates

We keep updating WordPress core files to make your site secure and vulnerable free


We regularly checks the WordPress for any new or upcoming security updates from your theme or plugin developers.


SSL errors can divert your traffic to non http protocols which are harmful for user experience and we keep an eye on these SSL errors as well.


Site speed is very crucial for us, we regularly scan your site for any site issues and includes it in your final maintenance report and we make the list of areas where we found speed issues.


We monitor the uptime of the site to make sure the site is alive 24/7. If we find any downtime we contacts the site owner at urgent basis.


Broken links can harm your site ranking, we regularly scan your site for broken links and other link errors.


Image can be one of the major aspect to showcase your site and they can also one of the major asset of your site which makes it slow, we optimize them as well in our premium service.


This is an addon, if you want us to check your site analytics daily for any traffic activity, you can enable it from our dashboard or from ticket system.


We offer fast CDN service, these service are free and premium as well, with the CDN service we will deliver your site data as fast as user want.


We also keep an eye on your Google Search Console report for any keyword activity and query.

Basic WP Maintenance Plan

$10 / month
  • Weekly Plugin Updates*
  • Weekly Theme Updates*
  • WordPress core updates
  • Monthly Backup
  • Weekly Security Checks
  • Weekly Performance Checks
  • Performance Checks
  • Speed Check
  • 100% Guarantee Your Site Will Have No Issues

Business WP Maintenance Plan

$20 / month
  • Daily Plugin Updates*
  • Daily Theme Updates*
  • WordPress core updates
  • Weekly Backup
  • Daily Security Checks
  • Daily Performance Checks
  • PHP Errors Check
  • SSL Issues Check
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Broken Link Checker

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Starting from $9.99

Got Hacked? or Need a Site Protection?

See Malware Cleaning Plans
Can you remove Google/McAfee/Norton Blacklist Removal?

Yes, i can remove any manual spam or blacklist notice from Google/McAfee/Norton within 24-72 hours.

Will my website hacked again?

If you want me to secure your website for lifetime then i would suggest you to choose Premium Package, because it includes lifetime software updates which is the major factor of getting hacked, also there is a yearly security package for that which you can order after contacting me

Is this a one time service?

Yes, the service is for one time, but if you are having any issues then you can also contact me contact me anytime i will fix your issue for FREE. but for different website you would need to place another order.

Do you help with suspended websites? Siteground, Bluehost, or Any

Yes, if your website is suspended by your host then i will help you to get it online again.

Do you help if website is having php/parse or css errors?

Yes, i will fix those php and css errors if it is from WordPress core fiels. if you are getting errors from theme fiels then you need to ask for a review first before placing order.

What is Auto Backup And Updates

This is a major factor of getting hacked. When there is a security breach in the plugin the developer remove the bugs and announce the update which is highly recommended to update in your WordPress as well.

When will you start?

We usually start within 24 hours, and it takes at least 2 days for the basic package, if you add an extra fast delivery in the package, then we prefer that order first.

What info do you need? and what is cPanel?

We need Cpanel or FTP account details and WordPress admin dashboard logins. The cpanel is the login of your hosting company. We usually need it to access the database and the files.

Will i lose the theme or plugin customization?

It is very rare, If there is an infection found in the theme then you might lose the theme customization, so it is better to discuss it with your developer or backup the theme on your computer.

Do you fix AdWord Rejection for Malware/Unwanted Software